Conspiracy? - TVbytheNumbers President is linked to MGM & They Unfairly Removed My Post!

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Conspiracy? - TVbytheNumbers President is linked to MGM & They Unfairly Removed My Post!

I apologize in advance.  This is kind of a long story.  It’s longer than what I expected I would write when I first started typing.  Heck, it changed as I looked things up while I was typing.  It’s funny how trying to silence people leads to them finding out exactly what people in charge would rather they not stumble upon.  I’ve already had to walk away from typing this 3 times because I’m so disgusted.

Anyway, if you’re willing to take the time to read this -  it’s not too long - then here goes:

I posted a message on the TVbytheNumbers website at 6:53pm on 12/19/09, and it was removed. It did not contain profanity.  It was not, by any means, worse than any of the other comments that have been posted in that forum, or on the TVBTN website - period.  In fact, by comparison, it was quite mild in tone and substance.  But, it was removed.

Why?  Well I believe it is because I was unfairly targeted.  

Let me give you some history on this situation so that it makes sense: 

There is a guy named "James" that constantly defends SGU without any real logic to back it up.  That is his right, and I am glad that he (as one of the few) likes the show.  

A few weeks ago, without any provocation, and out of the clear blue, "James" decided to attack me for posting a direct quote from Brad Wright; my posting that quote had nothing to do with him.   "James" told me that I needed to "just leave" and vigorously tried to run me off.  I could understand if he wanted to discuss the actual quote that I was posting, but he was attacking me for simply posting it and saying what it meant.  Hmm, very odd.  He called me names and tried to bully me.  I responded and defended myself accordingly until I needed to move on with the rest of my day; I told him that he could keep going if he liked.

I was accused of "bashing" SGU, when I have only done what many others have - I told the truth about the show and its producers.  I find it interesting that the few people who like SGU and defend it are not being run off by anyone.  Robert (or TVBTN) is not removing their comments, no matter how bad or inappropriate they are.  They are not casually dismissed when they bash SGA and SG-1.  No, it's amusing and good fun when they tear apart SGA/SG-1 for the very reasons that these shows were successful for 15 seasons.  They are not reprimanded for attacking the loyal fans of the previous 2 installments of the Stargate franchise.  They are not considered "haters" for the venom that they spew at anyone that doesn't love SGU.  Hmmm, very interesting.  Very interesting and biased indeed.  

Here are the links so you don't have to just take my word for it: 

It is my opinion that "James" didn't want the truth told about how things work.  He obviously didn't want anyone to know what Brad Wright had to say, and how viewership is interpreted by the network (Syfy).

TVbytheNumbers' Robert Seidman is unusually fond of "James" to say the least.  He has come to the defense of "James" on more than one occasion.  He has also hopped on the "James" bandwagon of calling the complaining fans "whiners" and "cry babies" and dismissing their valid criticisms.  I am not sure how professional this is because I would think that his job should be one of mainly reporting the numbers.  

However, a commenter named spaceman13 called "James" on some of his irrational statements with this post:

"Spaceman13 says:
December 19, 2009 at 7:04 am
LOL, “James” is obviously someone they hired to whitewash the massive bad spin SGU generated.
These whitewashers can’t use any logic, so they simply repeat this spin cycle:
1. Whitewasher claims people who doesn’t like SGU is SGA/SG1 cry babies.
2. People show up saying “not really”, they don’t want another SGA but SGU really sucks, because of many reasons.
3. Whitewasher changes the subject, claiming SGU is the realistic/logical version of SGA.
4. People laugh at that idiot, because the plot and characters in SGU simply doesn’t make sense.
5. Whitewasher changes the subject again, this time claiming SGU is targeting the new “Young and Hip” audience.
6. People laugh at him when SGU’s rating tanked.
7. Whitewasher blames it on Monk.
8. People reply saying Monk wasn’t even targeting the same “Young and Hip” audience.
9. Whitewasher say Live+7 ratings is still ok.
10. People reply saying because there’s just nothing else to watch at this time of the season, they watch SGU but they don’t really care about SGU anymore, and won’t watch anymore next year in April when other shows are on.
Then what happens the next day? Whitewasher repeat the whole cycle from #1 again.

People like James/Robert tried to make it sound like it’s the people’s fault for keep saying the show sucks. But really it’s just too many different people who found SGU pathetic. It’s the whitewasher who’s really repeating the same shit with no logic."

I posted a comment agreeing with this post (as did others), but my comment was removed.  I don't understand.  Does someone just not like me because they know I'm not stupid, and I report facts.  This has become more than posting comments about a silly and annoying little show that most everyone agrees is bad.  Something's up.  

So, is this a conspiracy?  Although I probably wouldn't go that far with it, I do think that it's still a good question to throw in to the waters of public opinion.  What do you all think?  Does anyone think anything about this?  Am I wrong in thinking that something could be amiss here?

To be fair, I posted the same statement again, and I addressed Robert on the previous statement being removed when I did, and this time (so far) it hasn't been removed.

Still, I believe that I was unjustly targeted.  I was singled out.  I may or may not write a letter of complaint to  TVBTN's (Gorilla Nation Media) corporate office.  But, it got me thinking about if there are any other people who have had similar experiences.  If you have, please let me know.

OKAY - SOMETHING IS UP.  I just went to Gorilla Nation Media's contact page online because I decided that I would write that letter, and look at what it says about one of its co-founders AND President:

"Brian Fitzgerald
Co-Founder and President
Brian began his career as an intellectual property attorney at MGM Studios, went on to represent some of the entertainment industry's largest independent film distributors, and co-founded Celebrity Blvd. Graduated UCSB, 1992 & J.D. Loyola Law School, 1996. He co-founded Gorilla Nation in 2001."

It's a small world, and everybody is in bed with everybody (not just on SGU).  The more I know, the more disgusted I am.  No need to write that letter I see.  It will only end up in the trash.  

"James" is one of them.  He may work for MGM, or Syfy, or Gorilla Nation Media, et cetera.  But, rest assured, he is one of them.  Go to their website and you’ll see that many have suspected, but now I know.  Over the past few weeks, I have grown suspicious of his spelling and grammatical errors.  Who doesn't know how to spell opinion?  Even bad spellers know how to spell opinion.  Sound it out; there is no "T".  At first I thought maybe english is just his second language.  It’s not.  For all I know, "James" could be, or knows, Robert Seidman's boss.  

I think they are trying to silence the voices of people who speak the truth about SGU and its producers because they are trying to help MGM recoup the funds that it sank in to SGU.  We all know that MGM is having financial problems, and this Brian Fitzgerald probably still has contacts there.  Afterall, MGM is where he “began”.

I need to go to bed.  I'm just disgusted.  

However, before I go, I would like to leave you all with a comment that someone named M,Brian left on the TVbytheNumbers website:

"M, Brian says:
December 9, 2009 at 12:04 pm
Hey folks, just keep in mind that these forums are open to everyone anonymously. When you get hundreds of posts all commenting on SGU as being a terrible production and then you get 2 or 3 percent of the people saying how wonderful it is and just attack others opinions, and try to shut them up, you have got to put it together that these people are connected with the show. As is James!
They are desperate to put their spin on it and belittle everyone else’s opinion by calling names. Their defense of the show does not extend to credible arguments, just saying how wonderful it is to watch back stabbing, whining, sniveling, adulterous adolescence pretending to be professional military personnel, and scientists and that the fans are supposed to love this somehow.
No actual fan of science fiction would defend this stuff so rigorously, unless they have something at stake here.
It is just too obvious that “James” for one is connected with the show. Expect him to come back with another user name and post similar support backing up his own statements and attacking other negative opinions about SGU. Which on these forums at least, and by the way on every other forum as well, is the majority of opinion!"

To This Website's Administrator/Owner:

You need to make sure that this website is as secure as possible.  Gain enough momentum and they will try to shut you down.  It would also be good to figure out a way to get your website listed on the first page whenever someone does a Google search for Stargate Universe or SGU.  But then again, it's a small world.  I'm sure Google is in bed with somebody too.

I'm so disgusted.  Goodnight.
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Re: Conspiracy? - TVbytheNumbers President is linked to MGM & They Unfairly Removed My Post!

Im not surprised at this at all. Think of all the money that is going to be lost when SGU is canceled! The first season was done on "credit" based on the past SG shows. Advertisers paid IN ADVANCE, as did cable companies for syndication. But they were also fed the hype that it was going to be a "new hit show", and probably pointed to all the millions of Stargate fans as an example of how successful Stargate has been.

But THEY were duped, the Stargate fans have hated this piece of crap soap opera called SGU since the first episode. Others waited until about 4 episodes before giving up on change. But by the end of this season, ratings have fallen below the lowest for any Stargate show for the "cliffhanger". That is an indication that the show has FAILED miserably. No amount of hype or cleverly crafted YouTube previews is going to prevent its demise. Now, even the wroters cant save it because the characters suck. The ship sucks, the sets and stories suck, and the communications stones have been used too many times.

Your rants on pro-SGU sites is going to be seen as a THREAT, and will be removed like many of mine have been. But thanks to the hundreds of blogs and independent sites like mine at KOBE Headquarters, our voices are being heard. Post more at our site

NOTE TO SGUSUCKS.COM ADMINS:  Search for hosting space and get off this free service! The SGU pundits can easily get this forum and any other free elements of this site shut down by complaining to the people who own Nabble. Hosting costs are minimal. Contact me at if you need assistance. I am a computer network engineer.
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Re: Conspiracy? - TVbytheNumbers President is linked to MGM & They Unfairly Removed My Post!

In reply to this post by Morena-2
Hey guys and site Admins.  This place does need to stick around, so I hope things work out.  Everybody knows what they are doing with SGU and they've tried to hide it but they can't.  These are just more reasons why I will never support SGU.  It needs to fall.
                                                      Bring Atlantis Back!!!   

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Re: Conspiracy? - TVbytheNumbers President is linked to MGM & They Unfairly Removed My Post!

GateWorld is starting also to selectively remove comments posted to their SGU articles. The ones removed appear to be the lengthier ones that detail why SGU is poor.
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Re: Conspiracy? - TVbytheNumbers President is linked to MGM & They Unfairly Removed My Post!

I think they're removing posts that blatantly say it sucks. They have 4 months now to try to convince people how great this drivel is. Even their podcasts are starting to sound like a bunch of girls giggling over some soap opera. Stargate it's not.
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Re: Conspiracy? - TVbytheNumbers President is linked to MGM & They Unfairly Removed My Post!

Actually it goes beyond that. The posts they removed were not the ones that just said "it sucks". They were the ones that took the time to elaborate exactly what was wrong with SGu. The effect is to make those opposed to SGU look like nutters.