Fans reaction from the other side of the globe on IMDB

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Fans reaction from the other side of the globe on IMDB

Spaceman XIII

kolembo wrote
by kolembo (Tue Feb 2 2010 10:19:12)

Oh lordy. We're on the other side of tne globe, and are just getting the first insrallments now.

We don't need this, it was done much better, by Battlestar Galactica.

We do not need a soap opera in space with people taking themselves too seriously about the 'survival of humakind, only to learn that the biggest threat is the Human Beings themselves! Get what I mean?!

Tney could, at the VERY LEAST, have given us a fantastic space ship, one worthy of the Ancients, instead of this floating trash compactor they've marooned us on!

What are they doing with the two millon dollars per episode? Importing mud to throw at the sets? No really. Why suddenly is SciFi not about Aliens, Planets and Machinery!

They've really done a dis-service to this wonderful cast, none of whom will get anything from this.

Really. We are not amused.