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SGU Sucks
This thread is for keeping backup of great posts from IMDB

Stargate Universe Fall Run Is Franchise Best Since 2005... BLAHBLAHBLAH

by Trik_Ster (Wed Dec 30 2009 13:15:15)

from the department of numbers pulled out of your @ss

by Trik_Ster   (Thu Dec 31 2009 02:28:00)

there have been several threads showing the ratings
and the numbers were from a 3rd party with nothing to gain or lose
They showed a steady decline

And I believe those numbers over someone blowing their own horn

by Trik_Ster  6 days ago (Thu Dec 31 2009 04:07:31)

DVR numbers mean nothing since people will skip advertisments
They don't help the network at all

Spouting timshifted numbers is like a drowning man grasping at a deflated lifesaver

by Candylyn  17 hours ago (Wed Jan 6 2010 08:36:58)

Actually the numbers of viewers directly translate to how much the powers that be can charge an advertiser for commerical space. The more viewers the more they can charge. That's why NFL Super Bowl commercials cost so much.

This could be the start of your WTF moment of 2010... enjoy!

by cannaganjabisweed  18 hours ago (Wed Jan 6 2010 07:40:46)

From the rating I've seen, SGU started with 2.35 million viewers and the last episode got 1.3 million. Isn't that really poor? I think the show will get cancelled. I mean, Star Trek Enterprise started out with 12 million viewers and finish up getting cancelled when it had more viewers than STU ever had.