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I have to roll my eyes at the niavity of some of the fanboys.  That answer pretty much proved that Brad couldn't give a toss about SGA, otherwise he would be having discussions about BOTH movies. Isn't he the head of the franchise, if he doesnt "have discussions", then who does??

How many more years will these adoring fanboys fall for this crap.  Brad and co never had ANY intention of making an SGA movie.  They seem to find Atlantis a dirty word.  They won't even mention it unless prompted to do so.  Now we are meant to believe that SGA character(S)? (McKay) will feature in SGA because Brad cares so much about the SGA fans and wants to do somehting nice for us.  Friggin BULLSHIT.  He couldnt care less about the SGA fans or for most of the SGA cast and the only reason they are bringing in SGA characters is to try and get more viewers to support their crap.   I think it's pretty dispicable getting SGA actors to try and save their crappy sinking ship.  They were quick to toss the SGA actors overboard and didnt want anymore of the campy SGA style or the subpar acting, but they're suddenly good enough to try and save their sinking pile of poo.
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Re: Mallozzi Updates & More!

I agree with you.
And, if rumors are right and a SGA-character will have a cameo on SG-shitty I would really bet it was a order from SyFy and not the fan-wishes. I'm pretty sure about it after all the spoken and unspoken words between TPTB and the SGA-cast.
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Re: Mallozzi Updates & More!

I agree and you know why. JM'S also said that having the sga member on there is not a stunt because if it was it would have been done in the first 10 episodes (which means the cameo is late in the season).

My answer to this - had they known how badly SGPOO would do in the ratings then they would have had an sga member in the first ten eps. However they had already spun the first ten eps and they had nearly finished filming a good portion of them. so even if they did want to put sga in its to freaking late to do it properly

Im sure somebody on here would know exactly but im sure that by the time the ratings had hit there all time low sgu season 2 was well into production.
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Re: Mallozzi Updates & More!

This is what I wish would happen:
The first 10 episodes air, they get such crappy ratings that SGU is cancelled by the time the second half of the season airs.
Then the episode with the SGA person airs and gets a huge boost in the ratings for that 1 episode.
Would serve them right.
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Re: Mallozzi Updates & More!

That's possible because SGA-cast have a strong fanbase. Before SGshitty aired I was pretty sure SG-1 had the bigger one but after free fall of ratings within the cameo-episodes I get weak about that. But when I read all about a cameo of a SGA-character there are only two choices (and that is different from the character). For main cast there are some interest of a cameo, for other characters (example Keller) not so much.
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Re: Mallozzi Updates & More!

In reply to this post by piginpoo
piginpoo wrote
We should have loads to bash next season if thats anything to go by.
Yeah, we need to get the new forum back up. The second season will be one big fart in the elevator from what I've heard. Just like "It's going to get better" I guess with Coop gone it's just Brad Wright's and Mollozzi's stillbirth now. I'm waiting to hear the budget's been cut now. Watch for less CGI in the latter season episodes. Or better still, don't watch at all.

I'm sure bringing  in a few SG/SGA people again () is to shut them up at the conventions.

Maybe they'll rename it Stargate Universe Doomed and run it on Tuesday night.
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Re: Mallozzi Updates & More!

This post was updated on .
In reply to this post by Atlantis4Life
One Really Long Update.

Alright, I just checked the blog (so you don't have to), and some interesting stuff has been going on.  

I haven't been checking the blog for a while so, there's a lot to cover, but I'll try to make this as short as possible.

First, Mr. Mallozzi posted some information about the SGA stars that will cameo on SGU during its next season.  I'm not going to try to cut and paste it all, so I'll just provide links.

Now, I'll reply to a few things that stood out for me.  

First, we have Melissa (who used to post here under another name) and her post:

Well, Melissa.  I'm sorry to break it to you, but you're going to find "Mel Gibson-esque" rants at Joe's blog, GW,, and other places too.  They are not exclusive to, and they are also not exclusive to people that dislike the show because some of the zealots are equally as bad.  Mr. Mallozzi has even authored a few rants himself.  

The first time I read Melissa's post, it seemed rather laden with sarcasm.  However, upon a second reading, I couldn't say for sure.  I recall when Melissa used to post here under another username, and she never seemed to have an issue with being a member here.  However, life is about changes, and I respect the fact that she says she is giving SGU another chance because of the 1-2 episodes that will feature SGA characters.  Perhaps she's buttering up Mr. Mallozzi and Remi Aubachon since they're the ones doing the writing for the SGA movie and SGU episode featuring SGA characters.  If so, then smart girl.

And I don't know how many people here actually have a "grudge" against SGU.  I certainly don't, and many other people here have stated the fact they do not as well. We just don't like it, and this is a place where we can all say this without worrying about being censored or modded for it.  You understand that because you used to post here as well.  While you were posting here, weren't you at one point in time one of those people too, Melissa?  From this statement above, I take it that you still are... Anyway, as much as I do like SGA, I don't plan on watching any episode (especially not live) of SGU next season.  

And now, some quotes from the other day's mailbag:

"Mallozzi's Mailbag wrote

Eagle writes: “What is the ‘for sure’ date for season 2 premiere?”

Answer: Sorry.  All I know is we’re moving to Tuesday nights and we’re premiering in the last week of September.

Debra also writes: “And WHEN will SyFy announce the Atlantis crossovers?”

Answer: That’s a question for SyFy.

Garbriele writes: “1. What happened to the Goa’uld infiltrated on Earth? Are they still here or have they been all captured and extracted by the Tok’ra?”

Answer: We can assume they’ve been captured – until a story comes a long that upends that assumption.  I don’t think we’ve heard the last of goa’uld Kinsey.

Gabriele also writes: “2. Will you introduce another Daedalus-class vessel in the future or the existing ships are more than enough?”

Answer: It’s certainly possible but, at present, there are no plans to do so.

Gabriele writes: “3. Destiny is older than Atlantis. In “The Lost City” we come to know that Atlantis is about 30 million years old. The gate aboard Destiny is older than the ones in the Milky Way. In “Frozen” we come to know that the gates in the Mily Way are about 50 million years old. Is the Destiny about 60 million years old?”

Answer: Damn that’s old.  If Destiny is older than the Milky Way gates then yes.

Gabriele writes: “4. We know that in the Ori galaxy there are gates. The Priors used them to come through the Milky Way gates and probably the people in that galaxy use them to get to other planets. Is it possible that the seeder ships reached the Ori-Ancient home galaxy long ago and seeded the Destiny gates on those planets? So, is it possible that the gates in the Ori galaxy are of the same model as the gates that we see in “Stargate Universe”?”

Answer: I don’t believe they were.

Collegeboy8907 writes: “Since Mitchell and Carter got promoted to full colonel following the defeat of the ori will we see John Sheppard and Major Lorne get promoted to Full Colonel and Lieutenant Colonel since they saved earth from the wraith attack in Enemy at the Gate or will they have to defeat the wraith for them to get promoted?”

Answer: Alas, no promotion for either but something just as good: a hearty handshake, a thank you for a job well done, and half-price season tickets to the Clippers.

Tuskin writes: “I don’t know if this was answered before, but was the MALP props on SG-1 and SGA actually remote controlled?”

Answer: Yes, and it would make this ungodly whining/whirring sound whenever it crept along.

Tuskin also writes: “Another question, was the ancient writing on the atlantis stairs ever decided to say something, but never used in story? Or was it just for decoration?”

Answer: Apparently, there was a secret message hidden in the stairs, and the only reason I know is because some enterprising fan actually translated it! Don’t recall what it said but I believe it was “Don’t forget to eat your ovaltine”.

Don writes: “I had asked before if there was an approach you could see to take with the Ancients that would make them more interesting from your point of view.”

Answer: Fear not.  There are plenty of Ancient fans in the writers’ room more than willing to keep the dream alive – so I don’t have to.

Lewis writes: “The Ancients built both Destiny and Atlantis… I take it that Destiny is older than Atlantis, but by how much?”

Answer: Brad and Robert are the keepers of the official timeline.  If you’re going to Comic Con, get Rob to give a detailed rundown.

Lewis also writes: “Did Janus have anything to do with the Destiny (any secret labs, etc.)?”

Answer: Unlikely.

Lewis also writes: “Is there a chance of any kinos ever being discovered in Atlantis or did that technology get abandoned by the time the Ancients built Atlantis?”

Answer: The kinos were originally planned for Atlantis, but never made it into the series.  Chances are some may exist in some distant Atlantean storage closet.

Lewis also writes: “Since Carter & Vala are currently no longer going on SG-1 missions, who do you think would be the current day SG-1 team members (Cam, Daniel, T’ealc, and…. )? Would they incorporate Atlantis teams into SG teams (i.e.- a possible team of Cam & T’ealc w/ Shepherd & Ronan would wreak some serious havoc)?”

Answer: Two weeks ago, I would have said no but given the change in the timeline of events then I would say, yes, it’s probable that Atlantis personnel have been incorporated into SG teams.

Melissa writes: “I just wanted to say thanks for everything. You’ve put up with a lot of crap, some of which I’ve even probably added to, and I just wanted you to know that I do appreciate what you do here.”

Answer: No problem and I appreciate your taking the time to post, critiques and all.

Melissa also writes: “I wish I could win the lottery, I’d offer to fund the SG1/SGA movies. Then, I’d buy my island in the Caribbean. If there was enough left over after that, I’d buy you a house in Japan…”

Answer: That’s totally unnecessary.  A simple condo in Tokyo would be fine.

Stuart writes: “How cost effective is it to create Internet only Stargate shorts and various micro-series?”

Answer: It all depends on who is paying for them and what kind of a return they get on that investment whether it be monetary or in the form of more eyeballs.  At present, I don’t think there’s money to be made and their impact on viewership is debatable.

metalfan20 writes: “First, Will we see the SGC any time soon on SGU?
Second, Is there anything us fans can do to help get the movies off the ground?”

Answer: No plans on seeing the SGC in the near future.  As for the movies – the only thing any of us can do is be patient.

Marius writes: “How long will this show go on for? Do you have a plan at all?”

Answer: Nope, no plan.  The writers usually come in every morning, think up a scenario (ie. the team visits a planet ruled by minotaurs) then head down to set and inform the actors who basically make up the dialogue while the director shoots.  So far, this approach has served us well.

Marius also writes: “I have a hard time seing the importance to the story, because unlike SG1, we dont get to see what earth gets out of this at all. Is it just gonna be an action-show?”

Answer: We will be seeing more of the impact you’re alluding to in the back half of season 2.

Juergen writes: “1. Will the crossover SGU/SGA be a bigger thing than SGU/SG-1 was? It’s only one episode, so it would be kind of sparsely only to bring 2 Characters via stones to destiny?!”

Answer: 1. The script is in the process of being written so I can’t compare page count, but going on what we discussed in the room – yes, it will be bigger.

“2. Can we hope, to see anything of Atlantis itself in this episode?”

Answer: Possibly.

“3. If yes, can we expect to see the Gateroom of Atlantis? I mean, the set is big. Would you build it up only for one episode?”

Answer: We wouldn’t build the set for one episode and instead use pieces presently in storage and green screen.  That is, of course, if we plan on seeing the Atlantis interior.

Major D. Davis writes: “Given MGMs financial situation, the DVD market, the economy, SGUs shooting schedule, actor’s schedules, when do you think (Educated guess) that the movie(s) will go into production.”

Answer: I couldn’t even hazard a guess.

Major D. Davis also writes: “So you told us what ep of SGU the SGA characters would be in, could you maybe tell us what SGU episode the SG-1 characters will appear in (Brad wright said there would be SG-1 characters in season 2)?”

Answer: He did?

Negolith writes: “I followed your blog regularly while SGA was on the air, and there were times when someone would bring up a glaring continuity error, where something even went completely against long established SG-1 canon, and your reply would come across as very churlish and snide as opposed to a clever repartee.”

Answer: In which case I’m sure it’ll be no problem for you to dig up an example of my replying in a “churlish and snide” manner to someone who politely asked a question.

Negolith also writes: “And that coy little comment about feeding cranky fans to Todd? That’s a bit of a kick in the teeth for longtime fans of the entire franchise.”

Answer: Really?  How interesting that, only days earlier, you were accusing me of being thin-skinned.  Allow me to take a moment to apologize if my comment about feeding cranky fans to Todd hurt your feelings or frightened you in any way.  I’d like to make it clear that I have no intention of feeding cranky fans to Todd or any wraith for that matter.  The truth is the wraith are fictitious characters that exist solely within the fantasy setting of the t.v. show you and fellow cranky fans are expending an impressive amount of time and energy decrying.  For what it’s worth, given the opportunity, I would not feed cranky fans to the wraith.  I would feed them to crazed baboons instead.

Sorry to hurt your feelings again.  Just kidding.

No, I’m not.

Yes, I am.  Just kidding.

Negolith also writes: “I seem to recall one comment roughly around SGU’s mid season in response to people not being happy with the show as something along the lines of “that’s the way it is, it’s not going to change, and if you don’t like it, tough”.”

Answer: You paraphrase but, yeah, at the end of the day the show is what it is, darker tone, flawed characters, communications stones and all.  What do you want me to say?  Many fans have enjoyed the second half of the first season because they felt that some of the issues they’d brought had been addressed in the back ten, but those episodes were simply a progression of what we’d already established rather than an overhaul in the creative.

gordon writes: “Feeding cranky fans to Todd might work, though I suspect he’d find them so bitter he’d sooner starve.”

Answer: Sorry.  I just couldn’t leave this one to flounder in yesterday’s comments section.
I don't know, Marius seemed to be asking a question politely, and Mr. Mallozzi was a bit churlish towards him.  Even one of Mr. Mallozzi's blog regulars mentioned that he should lay off the guy...  I guess my thing is that if Mr. Mallozzi's going to ask someone to come up with a time when he's been at all churlish or snide to someone that politely asks a question, he then shouldn't provide that example within the same mailbag.  

And then there was this one:

“Feeding cranky fans to Todd might work, though I suspect he’d find them so bitter he’d sooner starve.”
Ah, one could say the same thing about cranky producers... Just sayin'

Now, (regarding his response to Lewis above) Mr. Mallozzi's saying that they are going to break the team up.  Wow...  I don't know if this is going to happen in the movie or not, but it doesn't sound good.  He says he hasn't done much tweaking to the script outside of a bit of "timeline" work, but who knows. It looks like he's saying that this will now be a part of the tweaking... (???)  

This is why as much as I'd like an Atlantis movie, I'm kind of glad that it's not being made if these are the plans.  No offense to Mr. Mallozzi, but he's never been the best writer for the show.  This announcement doesn't change this opinion.  When he did write a really great (Beckett and McKay) scene for Whispers, it went on the cutting room floor.  That scene was better than the episode - no offense, but it's true (imo).  I'll agree that the scene perhaps didn't fit that particular episode, but it fit somewhere.

I would love to be wrong about his script because I'm an Atlantis fan first and foremost.  However, I don't think that I am.  I'm just trying to figure out how breaking up the team will be a good thing.  Again, great writing can accomplish any end, but I'm not sure about this one...  Most of the team (and all of the main 4) belongs in Pegasus, in my opinion.  Does anyone remember The Return when all of the SGA team had to go their separate ways and no one was happy?  How could they all be happy going their separate ways this time???  Kanaan is more than bad enough...  Damn him.  There's still so much to do in Pegasus.  However, if this movie is meant to be the end of Atlantis, then I guess...  Still, I remember Brad Wright saying that the movie wasn't supposed to be the end of Atlantis.  Perhaps that was just lip service at the time. (?)  Seemingly, it's hard enough just trying to get the one movie made - That's why it reeeally needs to be good.

None of this means that Mr. Mallozzi can't do a good job, I mentioned this long ago on the first page of this thread when I watched a Broken Ties re-run, but he does have his work cut out for him...  For the benefit of the movie, I do hope he goes back and does re-tweaking to more than just the timeline, then perhaps have a few friends read it over...  I like Todd, but by the time we got to EATG, he was tacky.  Mr. Mallozzi should try to channel some of the Todd that we first saw in Common Ground into the script because when he bragged about Shep's final scenes with Todd in the movie, it just sounded like it was going to be a recycled variation of something we've seen during seasons 4-5.  I hope it's not.  

Back to my main point - I don't want to watch an Atlantis movie only to see the SGA team completely destroyed.  They did enough of that in season 5, to be honest.  I never was much for SG-1 cameos on Atlantis outside of the premiere, even the couple that I liked.  Anyway so, here's a helpful suggestion to Mr. Mallozzi: Don't break up the main team.  Personally, I think that the team needs to be mildly reassembled by having Carson get his job back...  That's just me.

Oh, and JT fans:  This is about as good as it's going to get. 

Mr. Mallozzi was amazingly nice enough to post this JT picture.  It's especially nice because I never got the impression that he liked them.  Considering that the picture is captioned "Rachel and Joe,"  I still very much so doubt that he does.  Personally, I think that his hatred of Joe Flanigan won't allow it.  He posted another JT pic in yesterday's blog post along with other Atlantis pictures.  There was an emphasis on his dislike of Joe Flanigan in some of them, but what's new about that?  

Anyhoo, there's more to say but that's about as much as I can to write for now.  

Bye, Bye.  

                                                      Bring Atlantis Back!!!   

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