No more EXCUSES, Live+7 ratings still weak compare to SGA

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No more EXCUSES, Live+7 ratings still weak compare to SGA

SGU Sucks

December 30th, 2009, 12:14 PM

So, if I get it right, Justice had:

Live+SD: 1.34 mil., 1.1HH
Live+7: 1.96 mil., 1.5HH

So, all the people who bailed on the show in its live airing (600 thousands drop from Life to Justice in Live+SD) didn't catch up on it later in the week, the Live+7 kept its regular 600 thousands, 0.4HH plus, the ep didn't garner more interest than usually in DVR - increased interest in later viewings could've explained the drop as Monk or Xmas related, but all those "missing viewers" didn't rush back to DVR. So the drop couldn't have been caused just by Monk's finale. Also, positive news about Justice didn't garner any later interest either - usually, when people read a positive review, they catch up on the ep later on despite their misgivings.

December 30th, 2009, 12:33 PM

You know what is also interesting.

SGA Live + SD = 1.2 HH
SGA Live + 7 = 1.6 HH

SGU Live + SD = 1.5 HH
SGU Live + 7 = 1.9 HH

Both shows had a 0.4 increase after Live + 7 was calculated into the ratings.