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SGU Christmas

Found this on a "fan" site.

SGU Christmas special:


1. Scott discovers that they do not have enough tinsel to decorate the tree.
2. Chloe cries about how she will miss her mother this holiday season.
3. Scott use Stargate to go down to a tinsel planet.
4. Meanwhile Lou Diamond Philips (pretending he is Young using the comm stones) drops by Mrs. Young's      house for some mistletoe fun.
5. Tinsel is actually alien life form that puts a strangle hold on Scott.
6. Chloe cries because Scott might die. Eli comforts her.
7. Santa Claus appears, loads up Scott and flies through Stargate just as it is about to close.
8. Chloe stands up overjoyed, kneeing Eli in the groin when she sees all the hoiday miracles.
9. Destiny goes to light speed.
10. Eli says "God bless us everyone", to much laughter.

Thanks omnibus_spiritus - you have a better understanding of the series than Mallozzi does.
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