Shall we move on to the new Forum?

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Shall we move on to the new Forum?

Hey guys,

Just sayin'. Shall we continue our discussions at the new forum, without posting here for the moment? We should try and stabilize that forum, and start topics there. I Know we had couple of false starts, and dealt a bum hand with our established forum just getting wiped out like Wraith hives Fired on Atlantis.

The New Forum

Let's Make out like a phoenix and raise the forum back up. I for one, didn't post for the sake of message counts or standings (Just saying..  ). I need a place to vent. any place is good, where we can all get together. But it should be at one place, not many... (Again, just sayin'...)
Original comment posted, analyzed and commented at The One, and the only True Forum where we agree that SGU.. Just Sucks