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Spaceman XIII
Some of the great posts on Syfy forum that got locked.

The writing on this show is juvenile

This is a teen high school drama set in space.

Forced angst over relationships is no substitute for thought provoking storylines and true emotional or ethical dilemmas.
While there are good elements to the show, it is drowned out by the exceptionally stupid teen drama elements.

SG1 was classified as military science fiction.
So you should be able to understand why fans are repelled by the lack of any resemblance to being a military operation, and with no detail at all paid towards making what military elements are there believable.
While I might be able to accept that SGU wants to be a bunch of civilians coping with exploration in space, it is no excuse for juvenile writing and characters in a series that use to be a quality example of sci-fi and not just popular drama draped in the trappings of futuristic stuff.

The lack of attention to properly writing the military into the show is really just a symptom of a much bigger problem: They don't respect the show as a sci-fi (much less specifically military sci-fi). They are trying to rewrite Lost, but set in space, and with more juvenile stories and characters that they think will relate to a "young audience".

Trash the whole show + start over or give up

Cooper said:
“The show was always intended to be a drama and about people who are struggling to survive.”
Well then, you should have called it something else and NOT Stargate! If you wanted a survival drama, why not copy Lost and leave the Stargate franchise to the professionals.

WHY people are turning it on, but no one is watching...

As a professional writer and someone who has watched and admired the show from day one when it aired on Showtime (because the film was so great), SGU, so far, is pathetic. The characters (plainly copies of other SG characters) don't work. Rush is a jerk and everyone hates him; unlike Rodney who can be a jerk, but we all love him anyway. And, other than Eli (who is mildly interesting), all the other characters are flat, boring, and completely useless. We don’t even know their names (or care). Eli, in fact, doesn't work either as the "fat kid nerd," because he's too old for that part and too young to be a Rodney or a Carter. And, on his own, Eli is a failure too.

SciFi audiences are extremely intelligent. Don't you think that we know that after SG1, you completely CUT the research budget? That's why all the characters and villains in Atlantis are "made up" figments of someone’s imagination, instead of well-researched villains based on actual history. But we let that go, because the sets were great, the characters were great, and the storylines were, for the most part, really good (almost as good as SG1 and some, actually, as good as SG1).

Then Universe comes along and first, you must have fired every decent writer on the payroll, and second, you really CHOPPED the budget on this one: Tinker Toy sets with no imagination on boring planets that look like any jungle, desert, or ice skating pond in anytown USA/Canada. Low budget actors (whenever you see Lou Diamond Phillips in a show, you know the directors and producers have hit rock bottom), pitiful characters that we care nothing about. When they left Rush on that planet, we all clapped. When the other characters died, we didn’t know them at all, so we barely noticed and didn’t care anyway. That’s the sum total of SGU, nobody cares.

The storylines suck. All they do is ride around in space yelling at one another. And what’s with that sick music! Stargate is NOT Smallville or Gilmore Girls or One Tree Hill. STOP copying inferior programs to make yours worse! It’s like when Coke decided to copy Pepsi and we got New Coke, which sucked. If we wanted Pepsi, we’d buy Pepsi. If we want pop music and schmaltz and all that other superficial Band-Aid garbage that’s necessary to attract the average teeny bopper crowd, we’d tune in to the CW, not the SciFi channel. STOP trying to fix what wasn’t broken.

Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis were/are top notch, A1 programs with the perfect balance of characters, action, suspense, history, villains, and humor—and the writing is excellent—great dialogue, great storylines, and great settings/sets. It works, it flows, and the fans were (still are) hooked. Universe has nothing in common with the others except the word (and the device) Stargate. Flush the whole piece of ***** and start over, or give up and go out with the winners Atlantis and SG1.

It’s sad that no one, so far, has the guts to tell you it sucks. I guess everyone just keeps hoping it will get better. I have heard so many say, “Even a rotten Stargate series is better than no Stargate.” Wow, what a legacy for the writers, directors, and producers of the new flop Stargate series! FIX IT BOYS, or hire me and I’ll fix it.