Syfy cancels SGU Christmas Day marathon - Comments recap

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Syfy cancels SGU Christmas Day marathon - Comments recap

SGU Sucks

flmatthew | December 24 @ 1:06 am

For those of you who seem to insist that everyone use “constructive” criticism and just leave you alone to have your fantasy about this show I have an option for you.

Join the Nazi party.

They pretty much are lock step type of people. If we have to read all of your praise about SGU why should you not have to endure our opinions? As to the people who would no longer have jobs if SGU was to be cancelled, well that can be said about all of the shows cancelled this year. It is the nature of the beast. We all take jobs knowing damn well that we could be fired at the drop of a hat. Are they some how different? The production company is so worried about American jobs that they film in CANADA. Finally, I do take offense to some of you calling what we post as “hate”. It’s not hate, it is just our passionate opinion concerning what we thought was the concept of this franchise. Merry Christmas geek squad.

Joelist | December 27 @ 1:30 pm

What is funny is that someone must be reading the comments, because someone went through and deleted a number of the comments to this article. And the deleted comments were ALL from those who dislike SGU and also they were the more lengthy and reasoned ones. Almost as if they were trying to breate an “image” of those who dislike SGU…..

mistergroenevingers | December 28 @ 1:09 pm

I think the one who removed the comments is likely the webmaster of the site.

mrs john sheppard | December 28 @ 7:04 pm

@gatehunter: that is so funny re the website are you the webmaster because if u are please add a message board. :)

mrs john sheppard | December 28 @ 7:05 pm

maybe we should all join twitter and give our opinions live! wouldnt that be fun…

mythos | December 28 @ 8:19 pm

I gave SGU a chance and it’s just not very good. I’m particularly disappointed in them destroying O’Neill to make their show. Only a few of the characters are even the slightest bit interesting, the ’shaky’ camera method is just annoying and they basically focus on the most unrealistic angles of what’s happening as possible.

That aside, to all of those who say it was a ’smart business move’, no offense, but you obviously have no idea how this all works. They would have already spent a lot of money both in advertising and in sponsor-seeking and the fact that they didn’t show it means that they threw all of that money out.

The only reason they would do that is if they realized that they’d lose even more money trying to follow through with it. To those who said it would be bad to put it on Christmas day….yes, it would. The funny thing is, Christmas is on the same date every year. It’s not like someone just realized that it was Christmas day that they were doing this.

Bottom line is, the money crunchers decided they could make more money with some (presumably – don’t know what they actually showed) D-grade movies and a way-overplayed schwarzenegger flick than they could with an SGU marathon. That’s one of only 2 reasons they would have pulled a scheduling change that late in the game after having already spent the time and money on it.

The other being a legal issue which isn’t very likely considering they would have already made the agreements for rebroadcasting episodes long ago (probably when the original agreements for airing the show were made). So for those who are SGU fans, focus your energy on hoping they fix the problems rather than trying for the hopeless task of turning a positive spin on the situation.

Maybe by the second season, they’ll realize that having everyone reduced to the emotionality of a teen-aged girl really doesn’t work out well and only leads to fluctuating viewership which makes sponsors nervous. Better to have a show with 2 million well understood viewers that consistently watch than to have 5 million that change regularly and only sometimes watch.

Here’s to hoping for better Stargate in the future.

KOBE SBM | December 28 @ 11:01 pm

They are not stupid. They knew better than to air this soap at Christmastime, and the “cloaking technology” they are using to try to hide the failure of SGU is failing. Even the advertisers are aware of it by now.

So, they have a chance to change direction now that Season 2 is approved. I hope they take that chance to fix this show…but it may not be fixable at this point. I will never forget tuning into the “Life” episode about 15 minutes in, and wondering if I had tuned in to the wrong channel.

This show has failed in a very big way. “Life” was the last episode I watched in this series, although I did watch the best parts of the “Justice” episode online…not impressed, not caring whether Rush lives or dies, not caring about ANYBODY on this show. But they picked it up for a Season 2? Okay…lets see if they fix this…but as they say, “you cant make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear”.

Tanith | December 29 @ 12:58 pm

The show doesn’t need fixing, there you go I said it lol. The 2nd half of season 1 looks really interesting which the first half has been leading to.

Show people are just really impatient with a slower pace arnt they?

Theres a very logical explanation behind why SGU wasn’t shown on Christmas day but people just had to use that fact to further insult the show. Hell its even been confirmed that the marathon will happen closer to when SGU returns in April.

blackhawlk | December 29 @ 2:36 pm

Nothing can fix this show for me. I don’t care how many changes they make in season two or how much action/adventure or whatever they do with it, I have no interest in any of these utterly boring characters so I don’t care what they get up to. I don’t have a problem if something is slow paced but it still needs to be interesting and if they want to concentrate on drama then they need to have dynamic characters and I wouldn’t give this title to ANY of them.

mythos | December 29 @ 10:37 pm

@Tanith: What ‘very logical’ explanation would explain the time and expense spent on preparing and advertising the marathon only to change their mind? They happened to hire an entire group of people that didn’t know that it was Christmas day? The network themselves didn’t know when they were showing the second part of the season? The only logical reason would be that the alternative stuff they aired would bring in more money.

@leanbarton: There are those of us who were fans of Stargate before Gateworld was even a glint in it’s creator’s eyes whom have every right to voice their opinion of what direction the franchise has taken. Without us, said websites would not exist. Without us, Stargate wouldn’t have made it to a point where the idea that became SGU would have ever had a chance of being made. So yes, we are not happy that they turned something good that we enjoyed for over a decade and re-tooled it for teenagers. If SGU makes it to 5 years without shifting back more towards the Stargate of years past, then something can maybe be said for it. Until then, if the voices of those who dislike it only grow louder, it only tends to further the ideas that those of us not happy with how SGU is coming along may be right about it’s issues.

Even the people making SGU are talking about changes coming. Nothing says confidence about the show more than the people making it talking about how they’re going to change it. I trust that none of you who like SGU now and complain about those of us who don’t saying so will say anything disparaging about the show if it changes in a way you dislike. Afterall, the only thing worse than a ‘hater’ is a hypocritical one.

Sylvia | December 30 @ 12:20 am

Syfy is not the only one cancelling SGU airings:
“TEN has dropped Stargate Universe and Supernatural from Monday nights.”
(Australian channel)

mythos | December 31 @ 12:06 am

@Tanith: I’m still waiting for the ‘very logical’ explanation you claim? Or are you shifting topics in the hope that people don’t realize what you’re really doing here?