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When I found out SGA was being canceled I completely disowned the series. I never even watched the final episodes. Then about a couple weeks or so ago I went ahead and watched the last few episodes on hulu. They were pretty good, so I decided to give SGU a chance.

I got home late that night so I turned it on in about the middle of the episode. They were on some jungle planet doing something. After watching for a couple minutes I thought I must be on the wrong channel, but I wasn't. It started raining and the people continued arguing about things. I wasn't really paying attention by this point. Then some bugs or something started attacking and the camera started going all over the screen until it finally fell on the ground. I camera man got killed? Wtf is this piece of crap?

Then I realized that the camera man deserved to die. His horrible skills had marked him for death. I also realized the show was pathetic and turned the tv off.

I nearly cried myself to sleep that night; they had completely raped Stargate. The first time I ever saw SG-1 was very different. I turned on the tv and was flipping channels and saw a show called Starge SG-1 and thought the name sounded cool. It was part 1 of the episode where sg-1 is attempting to save Carter's dad from Sokar. Despite not having a clue what was going on, within 10 minutes of the beginning I was hooked on the series and never missed an episode after that. To me if someone was flipping channels and saw an episode of SGU they would be completely turned off by the whole series, never to give sg1 and sga a chance.

I miss the days of the Goa'uld. Imo, after Apophis died(the 2nd time) the series took a turn for the worst. Anubis was kinda cool but really... They blow up his ship, he lives. They blow up his fleet, he lives. They freeze him on an ice planet, he lives. Finally takes an ascended being to lock him in a stalemate that he cannot return from. I found that all a bit ridiculous. However, the series continued to be good all the way through the final episode of SGA despite heavy use of alternate dimensions and Replicators(the all time pros at beating a dead horse).

SGU truly makes my heart sink, and I don't think the SG series should be allowed to continue(except for SGA movie). You may argue that it'll be better next time, but look at Star Trek. After TNG they tried to bring it back 3 times, but it was just never that good again. SG was a great series while it lasted, but to me it is dead now. Time to start watching reruns on dvd.